A Weekend with Leah Gangelhoff, CNWI

Dates:Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4, 2018
Times: 9am to 5pm, both days
Location: Zinn Dog Training K9 Nose Work® Center
12200 West 52nd Avenue, Unit 6
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

CNWI, judge, certifying official, and all-around amazing person, Leah Gangelhoff is coming to Colorado. Leah will focus on building clarity and precision in our canine companions during the search, and building and keeping drive and motivation throughout our dogs' nose work career. How lucky we are to have the opportunity to work with one of the top instructors in the country!

Both Saturday and Sunday workshops will consist of lecture, video review, discussion and live demonstrations. Working teams will be used to demonstrate the concepts covered during the lectures and video. Teams of all skill levels are welcome, provided the dog is working on odor. Searches and strategies will be tailored to the level of the working teams.

10 working spots will be offered for the weekend; with the same teams working both Saturday and Sunday. All spots will be chosen by lottery.

Auditing spots will be limited to 30. For those that audit, I will be raffling off several prizes including private sessions with our top local instructors, a guaranteed working spot for a future seminar, an entry fee for future trials hosted by Mountain Dogs and more. Never underestimate the benefit of auditing, and don't miss this opportunity to learn from this amazing instructor!

Saturday, March 3rd
Clarity & Precision

In order for us to continue to foster success in the blind hide settings that we experience when we trial our dogs, it is critical to build clarity for our dogs and therefore for us as handlers. When our dogs are super clear on what specifically produces reinforcement, we begin to see more consistency from them in getting what we want – which is more easily readable, confident, ORGANIC behavior while at source. Alongside this clarity will emerge more precision from our dogs in solving different scent pictures, thereby improving our ability as handlers to understand what we are seeing in blind scenarios. We will identify and discuss transitions in the training process that are critical to a dog's development of this clarity over time and when it is appropriate to make those transitions. We will explore how our own behavior can be adjusted in order to bring these important concepts to the forefront of our dog's minds.

Sunday March 4th
Drive Building & Determination

Drive building is something that is inherent in the foundation of the K9 Nose Work training philosophy. As we begin to focus on our dog's development and our development as handlers we spend much time building skills we and our dogs need for competition. During this time it is important to not leave drive building by the wayside. We will explore ways to infuse your training with exercises that build hunt drive in your dog while simultaneously building and challenging your skills as a handler.

As a progression of training, it is helpful to build and foster your dog's determination to get to source. We have created the association between the target odors and our dog's primary reinforcer (food or toy), so our dogs have a definite desire to get to source - let's take that a step further! We will explore pathways to create a dog who will not leave a scent problem until they have achieved success!

Workshop Fees:

Refund/Cancellation Policy

A full refund minus a $50 processing fee will be given if cancellation is received at least 30 days prior to the date of the workshop. Half of payment minus $50 processing fee will be refunded if cancelled between 29 and 7 days prior to event. No refund will be given less than 7 days before the event. Please note that all cancellations must be received in writing. If the minimum attendance is not reached and the workshop must be cancelled, all registered participants will receive a full refund.

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About Leah Gangelhoff

Leah Gangelhoff, a professional Canine Training and Behavior Specialist since 2001, owns & operates Flint Hill K-9 Training LLC in greater Birmingham, AL offering all levels of obedience and puppy training as well as behavior consultations for serious behavior issues including all types of aggression.

While living in Los Angeles and before the sport of K9 Nose Work® was born, Leah studied under, trained with, and certified dogs in narcotics detection with K9 Nose Work® co-founders Ron Gaunt & Amy Herot beginning in 2004 and was part of a weekly on-going detection training group with Ron, Amy, and third co-founder, Jill Marie O’Brien through 2006.

Leah became the first National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW™) Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor (CNWI), in the Southeast region in March of 2011. Leah is an NACSW™ Senior Faculty Member, instructs at K9 Nose Work® Training Camps at various locations around the country, teaches seminars and coaching clinics to handler/dog teams across the country, and has been active in developing and teaching Continuing Education Programs for Certified Nose Work Instructors. She also serves as a Certifying Official and Judge for NACSW™ sanctioned K9 Nose Work® Competition Trials and ORTs.

Leah currently teaches all levels of K9 Nose Work® Classes in and around Birmingham, AL and hosts a variety of K9 Nose Work® related events and trials in the region. Leah and her German Shepherd, Konner, have their ELT3 and she has recently also begun training her new Belgian Tervuren puppy, Zephyr, in K9 Nose Work®.

Leah Gangelhoff

Workshop Location

Zinn Dog Training K9 Nose Work Center
12200 W. 52nd Avenue, Unit 6,
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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