K9 Nose Work®

What is K9 Nose Work®?

This sport teaches the dog to use its nose to find a specific scent or odor on cue, and then tell the handler that they have found it. This new urban sport taps into the dog's natural ability to hunt using its nose and is done in such a way that the dog has a great time doing it. Unlike tracking, you are not limited by access to certain areas. Nose Work can be done anywhere, anytime!

Who is Nose Work best suited for?

Any dog that has a working nose can succeed in this sport. Dogs of all shapes and sizes have done tremendously well; even those that are fearful and reactive. Unlike other sports, only one dog works at a time in class. So, dogs that may normally have a hard time working in a class thrive in the Nose Work environment.

Are there classes in Colorado?

Yes! Dana is proud to offer the first classes here in Colorado. The Zinn Dog Training K9 Nose Work Center is now open in Wheat Ridge. See the complete list of classes and registration information.

For more information on the sport of Nose Work and upcoming trials, visit K9nosework.com. You can also Contact the Trainer for information regarding classes here in Colorado.

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